There is a $50.00 Processing Fee for each new Resident.

    ● Money to be applied to the Resident’s account must be mailed to the following address: John

    3:17 Ministry, 431 Highway 145 S. Newport, AR 72112. If mailing a check, please make sure the

    check is made out to the Resident.

    ● Families MAY NOT bring any items to be given to Residents. No mail or gifts of any kind is to be

    exchanged. ALL items will need to be mailed to the above address. Do not give cigarettes or

    medication to the Residents.

    Family Visitation Hours are from 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays at the Remmel Church building. The

    Sunday meal following Worship Service will be “Potluck,” please bring a dish to share.

    ● Visitors who are not family must be approved by staff.

    NO PURSES, BAGS, OR CELL PHONES will be allowed inside the building. They MUST be left in

    the vehicle.

    ● Family members are asked to dress appropriately and modestly at all times.

    ● The ministry facilitators reserve the right to administer a drug/alcohol screening to any visitor

    who may appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    ● All visits will take place in the large auditorium. All visitation must be supervised.

    ● Residents are not allowed to go outside during visitation unless given permission by staff. Moms

    may take children to the playground with 2 accountability partners who are Residents and with

    permission from staff.

    NO SMOKING is allowed by the family on church property. Family cannot go outside to smoke.

    ● At approximately 9 months Resident’s families are asked to participate in “Family Days”.

    Please do not force us to bring these to your attention. These rules are not meant to be offensive, but to make things less complicated for staff and to prevent any further abuse of privileges. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO COMPLY WITH THE GUIDELINES LISTED ABOVE, YOU MAY BE ASKED TO NOT RETURN.


    Thank you,
    Staff of John 3:17 Ministry